Analyzing Physicians' Attitudes, Perceptions and Self-Reported Prescribing Behavior


TreatmentTrends are syndicated report series that provide longitudinal information on market dynamics. They provide insight into practice patterns, physician attitudes and perceptions, and current and projected use of various products. TreatmentTrends evaluate perceived product advantages and disadvantages, as well as sales and messaging efforts of key market players.


  • Detailed analysis of prescriber demographics, treatment prevalence, brand share, brand satisfaction, attribute importance and product performance, disease management strategies, awareness and interest of new products in development
  • U.S. and EU coverage (based on specific report)
  • Fielded quarterly in the U.S. and annually or semi-annually in Europe
  • Quantitative survey of 100+ practicing physicians per wave


Questions TreatmentTrends Series Can Help Answer:

  • What does the current market landscape for the treatment of the disease look like in the U.S. and EU?
  • How do treatment regimens (prevalence, brand share) vary by disease stage / severity?
  • What attributes are most important for selection of therapies?
  • What are the perceived advantages and disadvantages of each of the various brands?
  • What are major obstacles to each brand?
  • What is the promotional message / contact for each brand?
  • How are treatment prevalence and share expected to shift and what are the drivers behind this change?
  • How do different physician segments compare?
  • What is familiarity, interest and expected use of new therapies in development?

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  • PowerPoint
  • Onsite / webcast presentation
  • Frequency tables and cross tabulations
  • Proprietary questions / report
  • Supplemental analysis

Key Users

  • Global Market Research
  • U.S. Market Research
  • New Product Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Business Development
Decision Resources Group brands include: