November 2013

TreatmentTrends® : Malignant Melanoma (US) 2013


TreatmentTrends®: Malignant Melanoma (U.S.) examines the current trends in the management of Malignant Melanoma in the United States from the perspective of medical oncologists.
This report series provides the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the changing medical practice patterns in malignant melanoma by disease setting, physicians’ perceptions of brands and specific product attributes and to assess the impact of sales and messaging efforts.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  *   Determine the most important issues and unmet needs the treatment of malignant melanoma and how they are being met by the currently available products used by medical oncologists

  *   Understand current patient shares in different malignant melanoma treatment settings (adjuvant and unresectable/metastatic settings), as reported by surveyed physicians

  *   Collect information on the promotional messages and activities target-ing medical oncologists

  *   Understand medical oncologists’ perceptions of currently available therapies, the current and future competitive landscape by setting

  *   Capture interest and anticipated value of new therapies in develop-ment for malignant melanoma

  *   Understand the expected use of emerging therapies and the threats these emerging therapies pose to currently available treatments


Sample Frame & Methodology:

- 100 medical oncologists complete a 45-minute online quantitative survey with several open-ended questions for qualitative feedback.

To qualify, respodents must meet the following criteria:

- Minimum of 10 malignant melanoma patients under their personal management per month

- Have been in practice for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 30 years

- More than 75 percent of professional time spent in clinical practice (academic hospital setting allowed 50 percent practice time)


- Final report in PowerPoint format

- Access to author

Key Drugs Covered:

- Cobimetinib, Intron-A, MEK-162, Mekinist, MK-3475, nivolumab, Syla-tron, Tafinlar, Temodar, TVec, Yer-voy, Zelboraf

Report Publication Date:

- November 2013

Physician Research:

- Medical oncologists


- United States

Key Companies Mentioned:

- Amgen

- AstraZeneca

- Bristol-Myers Squibb

- Chugai

- Daiichi Sankyo

- Genentech

- Merck & Co

- Novartis

- Roche

Content Highlights:

- Updates: Key Market Events

- Current Therapies and Medical Practice

- Market Landscape Snapshot

- Product Perceptions

- Unmet Needs

- Emerging Therapies

- Key Competitors

- Detailing Reach and Frequency

- Brand Messages Recall

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